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josswhedon's Journal

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Joss Whedon Community
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This is a community journal for folks who like to discuss Joss Whedon's work.

Please do not post any spoilers, including casting spoilers, without providing a warning and using the lj-cut tag. You can find instructions on how to use the lj-cut tag here.

Short form rules are:
1. Treat other members with respect.
2. Do not defame the cheese.
3. Debate is welcome; fighting is not.
4. Do not defame Joss.
5. The moderator/maintainer reserves the right to delete posts and block members.

Dance the dance of joy!

Long form rules are:

1. Due to United States child privacy federal regulations, you must be at least 13 years of age to post on this site.

2. The posting or requesting of individually identifying information of any minor person under the age of 18 is expressly prohibited. This information includes but is not limited to: Real names, address, phone number, picture, or school name or location.

3. The following conduct is not permitted: flaming and other generally abusive behavior.

4. The use of sexist, racist, obscene, indecent, or other defamatory commentary is expressly prohibited.

5. Slandering, posting of information about other members known to be untrue, and other attempts at berating members is prohibited.

6. Threats against any persons life or health, including ones own, will absolutely not be tolerated and subject to reports to law enforcement.

7. Sexual harassment of any form against another poster via the community, email, or Instant Message is explicitly prohibited.

8. The posting of pornographic or sexually explicit materials or providing links to said materials is expressly prohibited.

9. The posting of descriptions or depictions of gratuitous violence is expressly prohibited.

10. The posting of any sensitive, secret, or exploitive materials in regard to any person, business, or organization is expressly prohibited.

11. Members may not post any information they know to be under third party copyright, servicemark or trademark without said third party's express written permission.

12. The posting of any illegal behavior, links to illegal behavior, information on how to commit illegal behavior, links to information on how to commit illegal behavior are all prohibited.

13. Creations of false identities in order to confuse or take advantage of other members is prohibited.

14. The posting of links, or information about downloads or the acquisition of software that are known to be illegal is prohibited.

15. Offering items or services for sale or solicitation for offered for said services or products on this site is expressly prohibited. This included the prohibition of publishing solicitations for advertisers, solicitation for sponsors, posting of ads, or any banners.

16. The harvesting of member emails or screen names for the express use in spam, junk mail, pyramid schemes, or other unsolicited emails is prohibited.

17. Continuing to harass in any form another member via the community, email, or instant message after being informed that communication is no longer desired is also prohibited.

18. Attempts to circumvent posting rules, posting blocks, temporary penalties is expressly prohibited.

If a member continuously violates these rules after being warned and asked to stop the behavior we can take the following remedies.

Permanent Banishment of member
Temporary Blocking of member
Posts in violation of rules subject to removal.

(Long form rules inspired by the Bronze Beta - www.bronzebeta.com)

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